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Family Focus Society Conference

Attached and below is information about the upcoming Family Focus Conference.  This is an excellent opportunity for families and staff to become informed and network.

About the Family Focus Society

The first family focus conference was held in Kelowna in 1987, with the second held in Richmond the following year. Since that time, 12 additional conferences have been held in communities across BC, to continue the tradition of supporting, encouraging and connecting families. 

Richmond, BC - From October 21-23, the Family Focus Society is pleased to announce that it will be bringing together over 350 family members, self-advocates, service providers, community partners and friends to network connect and learn at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond for their 2016 conference, “The Value of One; The Power of Many.” This conference was designed by families, for families, who believe that full societal inclusion and participation of people with disabilities is achievable. Over the course of three days, participants will be inspired by keynote speakers and have access to a wide variety of educational topics presented by family members who are experts in their respective fields, as well as some fine entertainment too!

One of the keynote speakers is author and thought leader Al Etmanski, whose recent work includes the book IMPACT – Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation. Along with partner Vickie Cammack, Etmanski has championed the benefits of thinking like a movement for decades. He co-lead the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN), which engaged the federal government in creating a Registered Disability Savings Plan, a vital tool that assists families with planning for their relative’s financial and personal security. Informed by previous conferences, this year’s sessions are designed for families and self-advocates with an interest in: family leadership, family advocacy, financial security, housing, access to supports and services, sibling relationships, inclusive education, transitions and much more.

Conference Co-Chair and parent Terry Robertson was introduced to Family Focus in May of 1988, when her daughter Bree-Anna had just turned 2 years old. Terry describes her first experience at a conference, as one in which she and her husband “got information that we didn’t even know we needed” to raise their daughter. The Robertsons haven’t looked back since, attending nine conferences over the ensuing decades and most importantly, learning what life should be like for their daughter. “We heard things that weekend that set us on the path to challenge for inclusion in regular classrooms, to champion college programs that provided ongoing learning opportunities for young adults with disabilities and to create a life that is rich in love, adventure and meaningful contribution for Bree-Anna.” Terry’s greatest hope is to reach families who are not yet connected to others, so that they too can experience the richness of new connections and benefit from the knowledge being shared by other family members. “No one needs to travel this journey alone.”

For more information and to register, visit www.familyfocusconference.com . A child and youth care program is available to registrants.

Wed, 2016/09/28 - 2:14pm