Diefenbaker Elementary School


An Urgent Temporary Change in Transfer Process Dates

To Parents and Guardians of SD38 Richmond Students:

Due to a very recent notification of changes, from the Ministry of Education, in contract requirements for class size and composition and other related factors, the Richmond School District finds it necessary to put a hold on the Transfer Approval Process. It will take some time for the District Staff to gather data, analyze it, and make the necessary adjustments in schools with the lens of the new contract requirements. This means that we cannot add transfers to any school at this time until we know all the relevant factors affecting each school next year.

We will notify transfer families of all approved/not approved transfers, as soon as this work is completed, but the actual date is not known yet. Please read the District Website for any further updates on the situation. We understand that families are very anxious to have settling school decisions for their children and we thank you for your patience while this very critical work is completed.

Respectfully yours,

Sherry Elwood Superintendent of Schools

School District No. 38 (Richmond) www.sd38.bc.ca Our Focus is on the Learner

Wed, 2017/03/08 - 4:18pm