Diefenbaker Elementary School


Learning Outside

One of our goals has been to make more use of outdoor learning.  Through a generous donation from a Diefenbaker family, we have been able to create an outdoor learning area that we can use in addition to the outside spaces already existing on our school grounds and in our neighbourhood. 

Each staff member was provided with the book, A Walking Curriculum, and we committed Professional Development time to learning more about using our local environment to support learning.  The book provides educators with a variety of outdoor activities for all ages.

One class used the book, The Leaf Man, as a basis to highlight the Big Idea that engagement in the arts creates opportunities for inquiry through purposeful play.

The Learning Intentions for this activity are as follows:

• I get ideas when I use my senses to explore

• I can experiment with different ways of doing things

• I make my ideas work or I change what I am doing

Students used objects they found in the natural environment to see, wonder, explore and create in the world around them.