Diefenbaker Elementary School


Basketball practice times for January 2016

Starting on Monday January 4th, we will be following the schedule below for basketball practices for the month of January. 

Grade 7 boys (coached by Mr. Rollins) Wednesday and Friday mornings 7:40 until 8:40

Grade 6 boys (coached by Mr. Cho) Monday mornings 7:40 until 8:40 and Fridays after school 2:50 until 3:45

Grade 7 girls (coached by Mrs. Regan and Mr. Rollins) after school on Mondays and Wednesdays- 2:50 until 3:45

Grade 6 girls (coached by Mr. Gortler, Mrs. Stewart and Mrs. C. Anderson) Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7:30 until 8:40

Tue, 2016/05/10 - 11:00am