Diefenbaker Elementary School


School Closure Update

Dear Parents and Guardians,

In our ongoing effort and commitment to keep you informed with accurate information regarding school closures, the Richmond Board of Education, based on months of consultation with the public and extensive research, has identified 16 schools that meet the criteria for possible school closure.  Diefenbaker is one of the 16 schools on the list.  Over the next few months, further refinement of this list will take place - in the end (October 2016), only a few schools will remain on the list and a thoughtful plan for their closure will begin.  Our Superintendent, Sherry Elwood, has issued a letter to parents in all of the 16 schools explaining the whole process and next steps.  It is attached below for your reference.

As always, we will continue to keep you updated with accurate information when it is released.


Elaine Stapleton


Tue, 2016/05/10 - 11:00am