Scholastic Book Fair May 9 - 13


Book Fair Coming to Diefenbaker May 9 to 13!


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Mark your calendars so you won’t miss our Scholastic Book Fair! This event is an important fundraiser for our school. The book fair will be held from Monday, May 9th to Friday, May 13th in -person at the library and online at All purchases benefit our school!!!


Virtual Book Fair:  


-families will be able to visit the book fair all day from May 9 to 13.

- the books will be delivered to our school

- no shipping fees!

*** PLEASE NOTE: If you are purchasing online, please ensure you enter the STUDENT’s name and division when you see the following prompt:


Entering the student’s name and division will allow for a much smoother distribution process when the books get delivered to the school! Thank you!


In-Person Book Fair: 

-May 9th to 13th

-Students will be able to purchase during their class blocks, and take them home on the same day

-All students will have the opportunity to enter the in-person library to peruse the books and will be offered a wish list sheet to fill out and bring home to show their caregivers. Students will then be able to come back and purchase themselves or go online to order it with their caregivers.

-Classes will visit the book fair during scheduled blocks. 





2:20 to 2:45

Div 8

Div 9

Div 4




Updated: Friday, May 6, 2022