September 2022

First Day of School: Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

10 – 11 am:  ALL students in Grade 1 – 7 (returning and new) attend

Returning students should proceed to their classroom from last year using the exterior doors, except for:

-Ms. Sanderson’s class (Div. 2) – go to Door 20 by the Playground

-Mr. Hikida’s class (Div. 7) – go to Door 9 by the Garden

-Ms. Anderson’s class (Div. 9) – go to Door 17 by the Playground

• All LFI 6  students will enter through Door #13 at the back of the school; Mme. Burt will greet you

• All LFI 7 students will enter through Door #21; Mme. Lupini and Mme. Veilleux will greet you

New students/families should meet Ms. Wong and Ms. Vosahlo in the Library.  Enter the school through Door #2 on the Garden side.

• Parents are invited to re-connect with each other, PAC members and Ms. Wong and Ms. Vosahlo outside at the front of the school.

1 – 1:45 pm: ALL Kindergarten students attend

• Students will be greeted at Door #3 by our Kindergarten teachers and Support Staff.

Parents are invited to the Library to meet with Ms. Wong and Ms. Vosahlo.


Health & Safety Guidelines to keep everyone safe:

• Students and staff can wear masks if they wish

• Students and staff are encouraged to practice regular hand washing

• Students and staff should complete the Daily Health Check before attending school

• Students will enter/exit their classrooms through outside doors to mitigate crowding in the hallways.

• Visitor access to our building will be limited to Door 2 (main door on the Garden side) and all visitors must sign in at the office.

Updated: Tuesday, August 30, 2022