A Learning Journey

People who think creatively are curious and open-minded, have a sense of wonder and joy in learning, demonstrate a willingness to think divergently, and are comfortable with complexity. A creative thinker reflects on existing ideas and concepts; uses imagination, inventiveness, resourcefulness, and flexibility; and is willing to take risks to go beyond existing knowledge.

The learning journey represented in the example makes use of loose parts, which are materials that can be used creatively to represent the thinking of the learner.  Loose parts are used across all grade levels, as the objects can be used to represent any object or idea.

This class was asked to create a visual representation of their learning journey over the course of the school year.  One student explained:

"As I grew in this classroom, I grew in responsibility. I learned to be creative with new responsibilities.  All this is developing me as a person as I take the first steps up the stairs to my never-ending goal."

Student engagement in the process was high, and the use of materials to create an new object helped students to reflect on their learning and to continue to develop an understanding of themselves.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021