Parent Advisory Council (PAC)


Diefenbaker Elementary PAC welcomes you!

Diefenbaker Elementary’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Executive would like to welcome new parents and students and to welcome back returning families. As parents of students at Diefenbaker Elementary, you are all members of the school’s Parent Advisory Committee. We hope that you will join us to help create a fun, caring, and safe community for all Diefenbaker students.  

Who is the PAC?

All parents and guardians of Diefenbaker students are part of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). This means that there are hundreds of members of the PAC at our school!

What does the PAC do?

The PAC's role is to enhance the educational experience of our children at Diefenbaker. We help strengthen the school community by organizing events and volunteer opportunities.  We raise funds to provide our children with extracurricular experiences and help fund new school equipment. (for example technology, playground, gym, and music equipment).  We advocate for public education, provide leadership in school and encourage communication between parents, school administrators, teachers, and students.

How do we fundraise?

Funds are raised through hot lunches, bake sales, and family activities such as movie nights, skating parties, and the Spring Fair. There are many ways to stay connected and volunteer throughout the year.

This is an exciting time! Whether you are new to Diefenbaker school or a returning Bulldog parent we look forward to meeting you. Our next PAC meeting will be held via zoom virtual meetings at this time, please see our social accounts to see when is the next pac meeting date. Please feel free to email us at any time if you have any questions in between.

Where Can You Connect?

If you have any questions regarding the PAC team, please feel free to connect with us and follow us on social media on upcoming events and fundraising goals.


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