Critical Thinking Year-End Reflection

People who think critically and reflectively are analytical and investigative, willing to question and challenge their own thoughts, ideas, and assumptions and challenge those of others. They reflect on the information they receive through observation, experience, and other forms of communication to solve problems, design products, understand events, and address issues. A critical thinker uses their ideas, experiences, and reflections to set goals, make judgments, and refine their thinking.

Critical and Reflective Thinking has a number of facets:

• Analyzing and critiquing

• Questioning and investigating

• Designing and developing

• Reflecting and assessing

In the highlighted example, the student reflected on their work through the lens of Designing and Developing.  In this facet, students think critically to develop ideas. Their ideas may lead to the designing of products or methods or the development of performances and representations in response to problems, events, issues, and needs. They work with clear purpose and consider the potential uses or audiences of their work. They explore possibilities, develop and reflect on processes, monitor progress, and adjust procedures in light of criteria and feedback.

Through this and other examples, we can see that our students' ability to use critical and reflecting thinking and to communicate their thinking is developing. 

As a school, we will continue to work on student development in Critical and Reflective Thinking and the ways in which students can express their understanding.

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021