June 2022 - Kindness Survey Results

Between June 20 - 27, our students participated in the Kindness Survey for a second time.  It was our hope that the percentages of responses in the "Neutral" and "Agree" categories were better than the data from November.  We needed to see if our ongoing actions ( Kindness Cards, Kindness Assemblies, PA announcements) had the impact on our students that we were striving for.

We were disappointed in the results.  Rather than improved results, we actually saw a larger number of students who responded with "Neutral."  This was not what we had hoped for.

At our Staff Meeting on June 30th, we reflected on these results and discussed possible reasons for them.  Some of our hunches included:

1. The very last days of June was not an ideal time to do the survey as students were focused on leaving school for the summer, some with excitement and some with anxiety.

2. With the return of some year end events (eg. Fun Day, Outdoor Education, field trips), the kindness focus was lost as students were excited to participate in activities that had not taken place through the pandemic.

3. As adults in the building, our focus, through May and June, were also on different things and we did not emphasize or promote our Kindness language or competencies as regularly or as consistently as before.

Next Steps:

We will re-visit our Kindness Umbrella in September and look for ways to further engage our students as we believe, as a community, this is an important value for all members.

Updated: Tuesday, July 5, 2022